Terms of Purchase

I charge $1200 for each vehicle that is purchased. There are 3 auctions per week, so you will have 3 opportunities to find a vehicle every week.  There are 4 weeks in a month so you will have a total of 12 opportunities to purchase a vehicle in a month.

I am a licensed auto dealer so I am required to charge tax tag and title on each sale. Tax is 6.6 to

7 percent. 

Title and tag fees are $18. The state of Georgia charges a $25 mail fee to send your plates to you through the mail or you can pick up the tags from the DMV.

You will need a minimum of $3000 to purchase a reliable vehicle. There are cars that sell for less than that amount but those vehicles often have repair and maintenance issues. If you know a good mechanic, you can purchase a lower-priced vehicle and fix it up.

This process takes time. You might have to bid on the vehicle that you want and sometimes other buyers will outbid you. Then you have to wait until the next auction on the following day or the next week. Sometimes, you will have the option to bypass the auction and purchase a vehicle by choosing a "buy now" option. It does take time to find the right vehicle but the time will save you thousand of dollars. 

To get started, submit a message with the make/model/year of the vehicle that you are interested in purchasing. Also, include the amount you are willing to spend on a vehicle. You can enter several makes and models. I will search the auction inventory and send you the search results.

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