Business Opportunity
Independent Contractor

If you want to sell cars as a side hustle to supplement your income/ or as a primary source of income you can do so under my broker's license. I charge a $1000 fee to set you up with access to the auctions. I charge a $300 fee for every car that you purchase as a contractor. I do not charge a monthly fee. You can buy cars at your own pace according to your schedule. 

Let's Work Together



Auction Access

The first step would consist of setting you up with auction access. You would simply provide me with your information, I submit it to the auctions and in about 2 weeks you'll have a badge that grants you entry to the auctions.


Select and  inspect vehicles

With your badge, you can go to the auction lots to inspect and select the vehicles that you are interested in purchasing. To bid/purchase a vehicle you have the option of attending the auction in person or online. For online bidding, I would place the bids on your behalf through my broker's account. In order to bid, you must have funds available upfront. I work with an escrow company to facilitate the transaction. You would submit the funds to the escrow company and the funds will only be released to me if you successfully bid/win a car at the auction. I would obtain the funds from the escrow company and then use the funds to pay for the vehicle at the auction.


Title transfer of vehicle 

If you win a car at the auction, you have the option of picking up the car, or the car can be shipped to you. There is a shipping charge. I can also pick up the car for you.  After I get the car from the auction for you, the auction company has 30 days to send me the vehicle title(sometimes it arrives in less than 30 days). After I receive the title, I complete the tax, tag, and title transfer on your behalf and the DMV will send you your license plates and title in the mail.

4.Rinse and Repeat Congratulations
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